VOTS bullion spot software allows your client to have demo trading terminal. The demo trading treminal will give your client feel of how Live Trading Terminal will Operate. It will help your client to experiment and understand the facilities of the software. Once your client opens a trading account with you, he will be given Live trading terminal with his user name and password for login. Every trading terminal wil have trading limits assigned to it depending upon the deposits given by the client to you.

VOTS bullion spot software has several user-friendly features which makes the software very easy to use :
1. Single Click order punching
2. Real-time double side quotes
3. Pop-UP window facility
4. Easy to use trading terminal
5. Auto log-in facility
6. Multiple log-in facility
7. Facilitiy of Shortcut keys
8. Online Surveillance

Chirayu Software Solutions developed India's first fully electronic Bullion Spot Online Trading Software "VOTS" in 2011.
VOTS facilitates online trading of Gold & Silver through trading terminals, web portal and mobile phones.
VOTS offers transparent, user-friendly, convenient and fast trading platform to clients.
It also offer realtime surveillance facility.

The trading terminal will have many reports useful for the client.
Delivery Lifted : The report will show all positions which are closed and for which delivery has been marked.

Delivery Pending : This report will show those trade executed for which delivery is yet to be marked.

Pending Orders : This report will show pending order of the day which are yet to be executed.

Trade Book : This report will show today's executed trades.

Net Position : This report will show intraday net position and mark to market difference of traded value and current market price value.

Client Limit : Client limit report will show total limit, utilized limit and balance limit.

The VOTS trading terminal will show online Bid and Ask price. when a client wants to trade, he has to double click the symbol and click on the symbol to put the order.
The message of trade executed with price, time of trade and trade number will be displayed in the message box on the screen.