Frequently Asked Questions

VOTS bullion spot is a software system which allows online trading and delivery of Gold & Silver through trading terminals, web portal and mobile phones.

VOTS bullion spot software is installed at all clients trading terminals. It broadcast live rates of Gold & Silver throughout the trading hours. Whenever client wants to buy Gold or Silver. he can do it with a single click on the pop-up that appears on the trading terminal.

The Buy order is confirmed instantly as soon as the client clicks on the pop-up of trading terminal. The confirmation message shows Trade Quantity, Trade Rate, Trade Time, and Trade Number.

When the trade is marked as 'delivery' and payment is credited by the client, the delivery is given to the client.

The bullion merchant can expand their business, register many more clients, execute many trades at a time as trades are executed through trading terminals.
The bullion merchant can broadcast their live rates of bullion to all clients online throughout the trading hours.
Thus, VOTS Bullion Spot replace the traditional system of giving rate to clients on phone and executing their order on phone.
VOTS also makes trades more transparent, more faster and more easier.

Yes, VOTS mobile software broadcast live rates of bullion on android, blackberry and i-phone mobile.

Yes, VOTS broadcast BID/ASK rates. Registered client can Buy bullion at ASK rate and sell bullion at BID rate.

Yes, trading limit will be fixed for every registered client based on the deposit given by them.

Yes, VOTS Bullion Spot has facility of real time online Surveillance of client position.

Yes, VOTS Version V2.0 is the most suitable software to run a Bullion Spot Exchange. It has 3 layer of surveillance -Admin -Mini Admin -Client.

Yes, VOTS Bullion Spot has facility to sell Gold & Silver Coins and Bars through web portal.